Why I Went Greek

I constantly read articles about women who refuse to explore Greek life or have quit because they’ve seen too much horror in the chapter they used to belong to. I can’t speak for every other sorority out there but mine is more than I could have ever hoped for.

I signed up for recruitment the first day of freshman year because, after visiting my university as a senior in high school, I had met some incredible ladies from both the sorority I am in now and a few others. I knew that I wanted to get involved and college wasn’t a scary place to me, I was ready to jump in completely and wasn’t afraid to try anything and everything when it came to signing up for an event or a club. I regretted not being involved from the beginning in high school and I didn’t wanna make the same mistake.

So I went through recruitment, hoping to become a member of Sigma Kappa – from meeting the girls the year before and throughout recruitment I knew it was the home for me – and I made it. I got a bid and I cried. Like a lot of us do. I watched and learned so much on bid day – met SO MANY people. And I actually laid low freshman year. I thought I would hold a position and have a little and go out to parties and do all that stuff you hear about but that didn’t happen. A few things (like grades) held me back. Sororities have requirements. But I didn’t get kicked out, I didn’t get hazed, and I’ve never been put down for my mistakes. I was pushed to get better, and in a good way. Every single sister wanted me to succeed and each one was there for me in their own way to help me through.

I don’t have it all, but nothing has pushed me more than my sorority. To be honest, I would have no motivation without my sorority. I am constantly reminded to succeed, and reminded that I have so much love. I got candy and snacks in my pile from my big, I’ve never heard a sister shame another for her body, her mistakes, or any choice she’s ever made. I know that not every sister is my closest friend but I do know that the second I see a sister that she will have my back. I don’t know each girls hometown or who their first kiss was or what their favorite food is but when I need someone to open the front door I have 5 girls running towards those brick steps to let me in.

It’s incredible to me that so many women have had bad experiences with sororities and Greek life because with my experience, and how it didn’t go the exact way I expected, it has still  been the best experience of my life and wouldn’t change it for the world.

I went Greek because I knew that the only way I would have a good experience is by choosing to – and I absolutely have. Greek life is what you make it and no matter if you hold a position, go out once a month, or have a hard time paying your dues, it’s all about what you make it. To any young woman interested in going Greek, do it for yourself. Do it because you know that you can and will make it the experience you deserve and want. You’ll get what you want from it by putting in the same amount.

​I’ll never regret taking those first steps up Sigma Kappa because this is truly the home that took me in and helped me push myself to be the best me I could possibly be.